Landsat 5/8 LVL1 Products Calibration with SNAP?


Hi to all.
I search at forum but i don’t find anything. Can i do radiometric calibration (DN-> Radiance->Reflectance) for Landsat 5 and 8 with SNAP?


Or could I found LVL2 products for those satellites (that are already geometric, radiometric and atmospheric calibrated) anywhere (expect USGS)?


In SNAP you can process L1 Landsat-8 data to L2 water reflectance and related WQ products using the C2RCC processor.


There is an option to read the data directly as reflectance.
Please see my post here:


This works perfect for L8 data… but for L5 i see that SNAP cant read the .tar files ( this is the product i work on it LT051810331993052701T1-SC20181018094612.tar).
I tried to uncompressed but SNAP cant read the MTL file.
I tried to import (FIle->Import->Optical Sensor-> Landsat->Landsat TM 5(FAST)) but you can import only .dat or .zip files.
Any idea for how i can open L5 data (with out radiometric calibration)? Or how i can do radiometric calibration with SNAP at the L5 data?


The file you are trying to open is a surface reflectance product (level2)?


The L5 products that I have, are already LVL2 products. Sorry for that!

But how i could load all the bands as BEAM_DIMAP format?


It will be available soon a specific reader for Landsat level 2 products. Meanwhile, you could open the TIF images independently, apply the scale values using bandmath and finally merge all the bands in a single product.