Landsat 8 data unreadable in BEAM/SEADAS/SNAP

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Hi guys,

I can’t open landsat 8 band images in any of the latest versions of the above software. I get the “javax.imageio.IIOException: 16-bit samples are not supported for Horizontal differencing Predictor” error everytime, even though the data has been loaded through the landsat geotiff reader. Is there any update on this bug? Or a work-around? Which was the last version of the software that could read these data, for example?



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Hi Jenny,

no version of the mentioned applications was or is able to read the data. The reason is that amazon uses a different format as USGS. This format is not supported (yet). A workaround would be to use the landsat data from USGS.

Oh, ok. I downloaded it using QGIS, I didn’t realise they didn’t source it from USGS. I hate black boxes!!

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I have the same problem, using Landsat Images from AWS. Do you plan on adding this new format in SNAP? AWS is WAY easier to use to download sets of images from the command line…


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We have this issue on our list since almost a year.
So yes we want to do it but currently I can’t give you any time frame. Sorry.

Since 2016 this issue has not been fixed!! How can this be prioritized?

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This can be prioritised by the community. If the community shows a high demand the issue gets a higher priority. You are the 5th in three years who is requesting this. This is not a very high demand.
But SNAP is an open-source project and we would assist anyone who would volunteer to fix this issues, for sure.

There are 22 other people who have clicked on the issue above

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I think is also important to know that SNAP was designed for European satellites. Have you checked the status in SEADAS?

You are right. This is already a good number.
We have to see how it fits into our schedule. The development of SNAP and the Toolboxes is not done by a big development team and we have also contractual obligations.
The thing is, Amazon is changing the format of Landsat without a need (maybe they save a bit of bandwidth) and this causes work for us.
I’ve raised the priority now and set the envisaged version to 8.0 (second half of this year).