Landsat 8 Level 2 products. Converting Pan & Thermal bands to spectral reflectance


We have downloaded around 20 Landsat Level 2 Surface Reflectance scenes for our AoI. The processed bands available in the downloaded scenes are, as you people know - Aerosol,B,G,R,NIR,SWIR,Cirrus.

The unprocessed bands - Pan and 2 Thermal bands, we would like to convert those in to surface reflectance as well as we are working on band ratioing, band combinations & PCA.

I’ve downloaded LaSRC - which USGS uses to convert DN -> surface reflectance - from their github repository But couldn’t able to run it as it requires few dependencies it seems (our’s is windows 10 system. But has QGIS, GRASS and few other OSGEO softwares installed).

My questions are,

  1. Can’t we convert Thermal bands (which will be in the units of kelvin) to surface reflectance ? If we can’t, then how to do band rationing and combinations with thermal bands ? (Tried ENVI’s Thermal Correction tool. But not working)

  2. Converting Pan band to surface reflectance is straight forward i suppose. Though we are going to use Pan for visual enhancement, do we still need to convert those to surface reflectance ?

  3. If questions 1 & 2 can be done, will it be possible to do it in SNAP ?

Converting thermal data into surface reflectance data is probably not easily doable.
There is a paper which covers this topic for AVHRR. Maybe this can be of some help to you.

The GitHub link of lasrc is invalid. Could you send me a copy of lasrc, thank you. My email is Thank you very much