Landsat-8 Message Missing band at 560.0 nm

Thematic Land Processing Biophysical parameters cannot be calculated for Landsat-8 imagery due to error “Missing band at 560.0 nm”. My LC08 imagery was taken from USGS as tiffs, then translated in PCI so that bands 1-7 were together as one tiff, and then imported into SNAP, but I still receive the error, whether the files are singular or together. I am assuming I am missing metadata not included as it would be in beam-dimap? But I only have tiffs, and even if I were to export to beam-dimap, it does not work.

Before exporting to dimap you need to add the wavelengths to the bands.
I guess they are not provided in your tiffs.
Right click on the band and select properties. In this dialog you can specify the wavelength