Landsat data download

Hello everyone!
I need to download Landsat level 2 data from 1984 until 2020 so I used the python script available on Github but an error message keeps showing on the command prompt for several days now and I don’t know how to resolve it.
this is the error : ERROR: 503 Server Error: SERVICE UNAVAILABLE for URL:
Does anyone have an idea on how to deal with this problem?

as this forum is mainly about SNAP you should probably specify which python script on GitHub you are referring to. There are hundreds around dealing with the download and processing of satellite data.

It’s furthermore always good to check the system status on the page

Thank you for your reply ,I’m sorry if my problem is not relevant to the forum topic, I couldn’t find help elsewhere.
this problem has been going on for over a week now.
The script is available here :
Thank you !

I didn’t mean that it is not relevant, but if you are talking about external packages it is helpful to name them so others can understand what you are talking about.

I have never used this, but according to these FAQs the 503 error means busy servers.