Landsat Layer Stack

Hello, I just downloaded Landsat data (bundle) from EarthExplorer and SNAP no longer reads the .txt and the .xml files but you can open only the separate geotiff. I did the band collocate (band 1-7) and then I created new names with raster calculator. Then I converted the virtual bands into bands and saved to Snap file format and then exported as geotiff. Now, however, the spectrum view tool does not open the spectral profiles even ENVI on the same file has no problems … do you know how to solve?

please check if you downloaded the correct product level:

Collection 2 data is currently not supported.

Hi, there has been a change in the way of delivering the bands during this month, till november everything was working well with SNAP!

Landsat Collection 2 Help (

Now I understand, the problem is the collection an not the level! SNAP is not supporting Collection 2!