Landsat metadata files unopenable in SNAP 5.0.8, fresh install


I have been using SNAP for a few months to visualize and correct Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 data. Recently, a few weeks after successfully installing the C2RCC plugin for atmospheric and radiometric correction, and using it once or twice, I now find that I can no longer open a Landsat 8 image in SNAP Using Open Product and selecting the MTL file. I have checked the MTL and the file names referenced within are fine. I can open any of the individual bands, and they are fine.

I uninstalled and reinstalled SNAP, and had the same issue.

Any ideas are much appreciated. I can add detail if anything might need clarification.


Hi Tuilly,

Actually, the support for reading hasn’t changed in the past. It would be helpful to know which Landsat 8 file is not working. Have you tried with multiple files?
Do you see a message like “No appropriate reader found.” or do you see some other error message?

Maybe the log file can be helpful.
After reproducing the error please go to Help-> Show Log Directory and attach the messages.log file to your next post.

OK, I’ve finally come back to this. I reopened SNAP and saw a waiting update. On installing and restarting, the same products were able to be opened. Thank you for the speedy response!!