Landslide deformation analysis

Hello everyone … I am trying to analyze deformation rate between pre and post landslide event . I am new new sar data. I kindly request someone to help me how to create a time series deformation map using snap software and what data to be used…


If you are new to SAR data, you definitely need to study first the theory and basic processing. InSAR applications are not the easiest to start with. Please, do some reseach by yourself. There is a large amount of literature, guides and documents that can provide you with a solid starting point. Once you are familiar with the theory, you have to understand each processing step. Do some test, follow some tutorials and learn by yourself which is the correct processing.

You can not expect someone in the forum to tell you how to proceed from the very beginning for your specific application. Before posting a topic, please do some research on the forum. There is a lot of information already that can give a good idea on how to process data. If later, while trying to run some analysis, you face some specific issues that have not been adressed before in this community, of course feel free to post your doubt.

Try first to find your own solutions, this will really help you to learn much more and better.

Here some links that will help you:



Thank you for ur kind reply… will go through the links u have provided.