Lansat data with Snap software

I would like to know if there is a guide or tutorial or some instruction guidance that can help as guidance to use Snap Software for processing, analyzing and visualizing Landsat images.
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As far as i know, Landsat data are recognized by SNAP software and can be loaded for processing.
What kind of processing analysis are you interested in ?

You can use SNAP to explore and process the data but you need to be bit more specific

You can look at exploring sentinel-2 and exploring spectral signature videos to get an idea. You can do the same using landsat data if you like.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I would like use Snap and image processing and GIS software for specifically Landsat data for example for raster calculator, a tutorial on how to write formulas in detail with examples, for use to setNull all zero values on a raster layer, mask raster layers with water or clouds masks with map algebra (raster calculator) formulas; cropping / clipping a raster by polygon, getting the minumum bounding geometry of raster layers as polygon, extract by mask raster layers using polygon and operations such as intersection of polygon as well as supervised classification (maximum likelihood, etc), many of the operations done on a regular basis in image and GIS processing.

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Many of these are well documented in the existing tutorials or topics:

Please let us know if you search for something specific.

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Thanks a lot for the information is very useful