Layer stack in SNAP?


I resampled and subseted a SENTINEL-2 image and the outcome is the 12 seperate bands. In order to work in ENVI (5.0), I was looking for a bandstack tool but I can’t find any in SNAP. I did it using QGIS band stack tool which generates a .tif file, but it won’t open in ENVI (appears to not be “a valid TIFF file”).
Any idea?

I guess you have a BEAM-DIMAP product after resampling and subsetting?
You can simply export it as ENVI product or as GeoTiFF (maybe ENVI likes this one).
You find the export options in the menu at File / Export.

I get a BEAM-DIMAP product after the operations in SNAP, and I stack the images of the bands in .data in QGIS. The output is a TIFF file, which opens in ENVI. I must have get confused, sorry for that.
Yet can you confirm that there is no bandstacking tool in SNAP?

It is not directly available in SNAP Desktop. But there are similar things.
You can use the Collocation (Raster / Geometric Operations) which merges two product, you can use the Band Math (Raster / Band Maths) to copy one band to another data product.
On the command line you can use gpt and the Merge operator to merge two or more products

Hi marpet, quoting you: ‘you can use the Band Math (Raster / Band Maths ) to copy one band to another data product’ but when I open the Band Math tool I cannot use two different files to build the expression. So how can I add a band from Landsat to a Sentinel stack? Is there a way with Band Math or the Collocate is the only one?

If the products do not have the same geometry, as it is the case, you will have to collocate.

Thank you for the clarification! I tried and it works with two images with the same path and raw. It doesn’t work (obviously) if I try to add a panchromatic band to a multispectral of the same path and raw so it is a matter of both extent and resolution.