Level 1 Processing

Is there a general guide to processing Level 1 products (Both OLCI and SLSTR) from Sentinel-3? I want to keep the data as separate bands so the L2 Data does not work for me.

I know that we have the PPE filter, Radiance to Reflectance Conversion, O2A Harmonization, and SLSTR L1B Stitching.

What would be the correct order to implement these operations (and any others that I am missing)?

Maybe the SYN Level2 product could be useful for you? This product contains combined OLCI and SLSTR top-of-canopy reflectances. This could save you a lot of processing.

It is difficult to give a general answer without knowing your application.
E.g you don’t need to use the PPE filtering when you are over land.
And I wonder why you can’t use L2 data.

@marpet I was not really thinking of a specific application, but of a more general guide, similar to the tutorials for Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 at https://step.esa.int/main/doc/tutorials/.

Regarding level 2 data, unless I am mistaken, I cannot seem to find Level-2 Data that is still just the bands (i.e. OA1 thru OA21). I would like to have access to the calibrated bands so that I can create RGB composites from the bands, similar to Sentine-2, but over a larger area.