Level 3 binning of Polymer processed OLCI Rrs product

Hi all,

I am trying perform a Level 3 binning of Polymer processed OLCI Rrs product using SNAP GPT tool. So, I created .xml file and .sh file to do the batch processing.

I already have .xml file and .sh file created for binning Chl a product, so I created this .xml file for binning Rrs product based on the same way it does for Chl a product. The .xml file is working fine for Chl a product, but the newly created .xml file for binning the Rrs product is not working and showing some errors. I think there are some error in the newly created .xml file. If someone could tell me what are the error in the .xml file much appreciated.
binning_polymer_Rrs_flags_1.xml (3.1 KB)
Best, Vishnu

You mixed up the aggregators and aggregator tags.
Maybe by a copy/paste error.

I’ve updated the xml:
binning_polymer_Rrs_flags_1.xml (3.7 KB)

We need more information to understand and reproduce the problem. Extra details can help others who may have a similar problem. Please see What to include in a forum post when reporting an issue.

In particular, please provide more details of the errors you get and attach the .sh script.

Thanks a lot, marpet.

The error was related to the aggregators tags. Next time I will also upload the snapshot of the error.

Thanks for the reply