Linear to DB conversion and Graph Builder +possible error

Dear Step User Hi!,
I have met a problem on applying linear to db conversion to layer stack on graph builder of Sentinel 1A in which it produces irregular shape.
I would like to inform you that prior to applying linear to db I have done following steps:
Apply precise orbit file->Thermal Noise–>Calibration to B nugth–>Terrain Flattering—>only coregisteration->Temporal Speckle Filter( Gamma Map3*3- estimated equivalent Number of Look)-Range Doppler Corretion

I have applied linear to db conversion in graph builder to the corrected layers(12 layers). I have got 12 db coverveted image like this:

I appreciate your valuable suggestions.
Many thanks

could it be that it was just a reason of memory capacity? I had a similar graph with linear to db conversion at the end and it was just fine.
Can you identify at which step the patterns occur?

Please accept my apology for late reply as I was out.
Regarding your question, the patterns occurred after db conversion in graph builder.
With respect to your suggestion about memory capacity, I do not think it could be result of memory capacity. This is because if I apply db conversion without graph builder(just click right on the band), I get fine result.
However, I have 12 images, thus I want to do it automatically.
Please let me know your suggestion.

that’s strange. Did you run it again to see if the same happens? Cannot reproduce this at my side.

Thanks for your message.Yes, I did and the results were same as previous. I do know what I should to do.

Hi,Sorry what I meant that I do not know what I should do.
I would like to inform you that this is the result of single band using linear to db conversion(right click on the band)

However, when I use this function in graph builder , the image would be distorted.
I appreciate your suggestions.