Linking separate nc files when opening in snap

Hi, I wonder if you are able to help me do something in SNAP.

When I open up an S3 product using the manifest file, I am able to overlap masks onto the radiance images etc. If I open up, for example an individual nc band files and a flags file (of the same grid types) separately, I am unable to overlays the masks. This is something that I would like to do as I would like to be able to overlay my own experimental flags netCDF file onto an image file. Is there a way of forcing snap to ‘link’ together 2 separate nc files to overlay the flags? Or, is there a different way of going about this? Could I make a very simple version of a manifest file that would enable this to be done?


Tools like NCO allow you to replace the contents of a NetCDF variable with new values.

Maybe a bit late, but …
Opening simply the nc files of an OLCI product I’m able to link the images. They are not geo-referenced ans only the image dimension needs to be the same. So I’m able to link Oa02_radiance with quality_flags.
But I cannot link the geo-referenced band of an full OLCI product with a nc files which is not geo-referenced.
You can copy the content of the nc file into the product by Band Maths for example. Or you use the Merge operator on the command line if you want to do the operation on multiple products.