Linux Installation using StaMPS and S-1 data

Hello Dear Helpers, ı am trying to do PSI application on my S-1 images and ı am using linux machine and ı can not pass a step can you help me ? @thho @hchong005 @ABraun @FeiLiu @bayzidul @Fikretjfm

after working terminal just like below

ı am opening matlab and then try to work matlab but it doesn’t work like below

and ı added the my export and Patch datas directories to matlab like below too

and when ı look at the error, it shows me the picture like below

So, what should ı do ?

Dear @firat,

please show us your folder structure of …/insarmasterdate/ubuntuexport/ and …/StaMPS_v3.3b1. I am not sure if everything is ok here because there seems to be exported data (a PATCH_2 and a src folder) in your StaMPS_v3.3b1 directory. A screenshot of your StaMPS_CONFIG.bash might help, too, but since you were able to call mt_prep_gamma_snap and matlab I think this will be ok.

What I do when I have problems with the first steps, I recommend to delete the whole export INSAR_master_date directory, go back to SNAP open stack and ifg again, make a new StaMPS export, and try again starting with mt_prep_gamma_snap etc. For some reason, this fixed my problems the most of the time.

Good luck!

Hello Dear @thho,

Thank you so much for the advise and answer

These are my /insarmasterdate/ubuntuexport/ and …/StaMPS_v3.3b1 folders


rereading your post and looking on the new screenshots I have an idea what might be your problem. In the Matlab screenshot wit the cd error message, we can see that you are already in the /ubuntustampsexport/PATCH_1 directory and in this directory there is no PATCH_1 folder to enter…

What I assume you have done, after running mt_prep_gamma_snap you have not launch matlab from …/ubuntustampsexport but changed directory to /ubuntustampsexport/PATCH_1 and launched matlab from here. Am I right with this? If so, you have just to launch matlab from …/ubuntustampsexport try:

open terminal in …/ubuntustampsexport
source your Stamps_CONFIGURATION.bash
you do not have to do a new mt_prep_gamma_snap I think
matlab to call Matlab in this (…/ubuntustampsexport) directory

in matlab try to do step 1 with stamps(1,1)

Does this work? Good Luck!

PS: in your Stamps installation folder are some folders and files which do not belong there…I do not think they do any harm, but if you want, tidy up your folder to look like this:

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Hello @thho

you mean , ı should work matlab from …/ubuntustampsexport directory ? But ı can only work matlab from the directory which ı installed matlab (from this directory “/media/frat/C282BF7082BF6815/Matlab2017a/bin/glnxa64”)
I mean , even ı add path of the data way of matlab/bin/glnza64 , ı can not work matlab while opening terminal from another directory

I see…but that is exactly what you need to do. Let’s try some things:

  • open a terminal in and cd to your home and call matlab from here, in terminal:

cd ~

does Matlab launch?

  • close Matlab and in this terminal cd to your folder with the Stamps Export data you want to process (I recommend to delete your old data and make an new unprocessed INSAR_master_date with StaMPSExportOp from SNAP before trying this). Then call your StaMPS_CONFIG.bash (have you adapt this to your PATH Environment?) :

cd ~/…/INSAR_master_date
source ~/…/StaMPS_v3.3b1/StaMPS_CONFIG.bash

  • now you can call mt_prep_gamma_snap again:


this will process the data as you already had done but in the new export you have to do it again.

  • now you should be able to launch Matlab from this folder:


this will open Matlab.

Please try this and if you do not have adapted StaMPS_CONFIG.bash, please have a look here how to do this.

Hello @thho

Thank you so much but ı still have problem,

In the picture which ı show you below, like you advised me, ı do the steps; first ı created another Stamps export data in another place inside the Stamps folder, and then ı add path directory way of the stamps/bin into this terminal for working the mt_prep_gamma, and then ı work it and then

like seing at the bottom of 2. terminal picture, ı work matlab from the same terminal without openning another terminal

and then on 3. picture ı wrote stamps but it gives me again the same error,

And also, while saying adapting StaMPS_CONFIG.bash , do you mean to add path of this StaMPS_CONFIG.bash directory in to the terminal ? like this (PATH=$PATH:/media/frat/C282BF7082BF6815/StaMPS_v3.3b1/StaMPS_CONFIG.bash; export PATH) ? can you explain me more detailly please ? After adding path of StaMPS_CONFIG.bash, when ı write in the terminal (cd /media/frat/C282BF7082BF6815/StaMPS_v3.3b1/StaMPS_CONFIG.bash), terminal says to me: it is not a directory

the name of your stamPS export directory MUST BE “INSAR_master_data”

Hello @daniel_bona

Thank you so much ,

after fixing the export folder name like you wrote , now ı have another problem like below

what should ı do ?

Hi @firat
you are almost there, Just set you Insar Processor from Doris to Gamma by typing this before you run stamps. You should also set your scla_deramp to y by typing second commend before running stamps.

setparm(‘insar_processor’, ‘gamma’)
setparm(‘scla_deramp’, ‘y’)

Have fun

Hello @bayzidul

Thank you so much

After doing setparm(‘insar_processor’, ‘gamma’) and setparm(‘scla_deramp’, ‘y’), ı have a warning problem on step3 and an error on step 4 which look like below

what should ı do now for processing or passing these steps without any problem ?

Hi @firat,

the name must nor be exactly INSAR_master_date, but INSAR_20160425 if your master image has the date 2016 04 25 (example). I am a bit sceptical if all went correctly, because the processor should be set automatically to gamma, but maybe I have missed that setting the processor with setparm will work to. However, the warning you encountered Not enough random phase may come from two possibilities

  1. Your studysite is to small, with setparm(‘filter_grid_size’, 10) I am able to run the script for small areas. But I would recommend to work with larger areas.

  2. You can also try to set the dispersion index to a higher threshold, in mt_prep_gamma_snap 0.45 for example, more PS candidates will be preselected

have a try with filter_grid_size or a larger subset of your studysite and let us know if this fixed your problem or not.
Good luck!

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Hello @thho

Thank you so much,
After writing setparm(‘filter_grid_size’, 10), there is no warning or error on step 3

But now ı have errors on step 6 like below

what should ı do for fixing it ?

In step 5 you have to change the parameter ‘merge_resample_size’ at least as high as the ‘unwrap_grid_size’ you want to use in step 6. Think about you want to unwrap with a grid size which is smaller than a resampled grid as input, that is not possible, the unwrapping parameter would be dominated by the merge parameter and therefore useless. Use a unwrap_grid_size of 32 or lager (in your case) or set merge_resample_size to 0 for a first try ( you have to rerun step 5 before this comes to effect)…

I hope this was helpful.

Hello @thho

Thank you so much

setting merge_resample_size to 0 and unwrap_grid_size to 32 didn’t fix the error but increasing area fixxed the Uw_grid_wrapped error

But now ı have another error on step 6 about invalid file identifier like below

how can ı fix this error ? what should ı do ?

Dear @firat,

I guess the script tries to open a connection to a file that does not exists. That is what I read out of the first error message. All errors after, try to do something with the file which is missing (that is my guess). I can not really help you with this one, never had problems in step six like this. I would suggest look, if there are the files in your INSAR_master_date dir which are called in the script, if they are missing, try to figure out why. That helped me to solve some problems in the past.

Good luck!

thank you so much @thho

I fixxed the problem now while adding the path of snaphu/bin folder before working mt_prep_gamma in terminal and ı finished the all processes without any problem

Now what should ı do for seing the results ?

please have a look at the manual chapter 6:

The program viStaMPS also helps so visualize the results:

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I saw your post in MAINSAR, and the hint with snaphu, good to see that it helped you! Now after step 6 you have to play with the parameters. the ps_plot() function helps you a lot. I really recommend the handbook , this tutorial and the ps_plot() help (just type help ps_plot in matlab to get this overview). The ‘results’ you get by default settings may not be satisfying, from what you wrote until now I assume you are looking on a very small area, I admit that I do have some trouble with this kind of study site myself, and you really have to adjust the parameters of StaMPS to your data. It may help you to better visualise and explore your data using this app, but that is not necessary.

Good luck and keep playing with the parameters to better understand StaMPS and your data :)!

Thank you so much Dear @thho and @ABraun for the answers, helpful sharings and advises :slight_smile:

now ı have an ps_plot() function error just like below (no ps_plot() script doesn’t work)

How can ı fix this problem ?