List index out of range

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PREPROCESSING - Jupyter Notebook.pdf (291.4 KB)
hello sir, when am going to do the preprocessing of sentinel1 data, I get a" list index out of range " error can you please help me with this
thank you in advance


We are currently investigating this issue and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dear user SARITHA,

we checked your notebook and found the following issues which need to be fixed:

  1. product_path = "E:\sun\“
    → From the following code we assume that you might have several input_S1_files (*.zip) in the product path, so this should just be ‘E:\sun’ here. And better use OS separator: ‘E’ + os.sep + ‘sun’ .

  2. input_S1_files = sorted(…) : most important: remove the blank between ‘S1 and .zip’! (Otherwise, your lists will always be empty. The bug does not produce an error, so it took me a while to notice that…)

  3. with zipfile(input_S1_files[0], ‘r’) as qck_look:
    The imported module zipfile is not callable. You need to import and call the class ZipFile like this:
    from zipfile import ZipFile

    with ZipFile(input_S1_files[0], ‘r’) as qck_look:

Running a modified notebook with these fixes terminates successfully, the output from my example product looks as in the attached figure.