List of issues on SNAP

Dear SNAP developers,

here there is a list of issues I encountered that likely should be addressed in the current software version (SNAP v3.0 with all the updates installed as 07/07/2016).

  • Time information in ‘Pixel Info’ tab is not changing when changing pixels on a Sentinel-2 MSI data and Sentinel-1 OCN data.
  • Time information in ‘Pixel Info’ tab is not displayed for Sentinel-1 GRD data.
  • ‘Product Library’ is not reading Sentinel-2 MSI (uncompressed from zip) acquired after December 2015 or Sentinel-2 MSI L2A generated using Sen2Cor.
  • Time acquisition displayed in the ‘Product details’ in the ‘Product Library’ tab is always set on ‘00:00:00.000000’
  • In ‘Product Library’ tab, the resolution of Sentinel-2 MSI data and Sentinel-1 OCN data is set to ‘99999 x 99999’. (Continuing the discussion from [Issues related to Product Library] Issues related to Product Library).
  • Sentinel-2 MSI ‘Product details’ in the ‘Product Library’ tab are missing the ‘Track’ (Relative orbit) information and display the the same ‘Orbit’ (Absolute Orbit) information for all products is set to ‘99999’.
  • Sentinel-2 MSI L2A corrected using Sen2Cor seems not to have coordinates information inside the single ‘jp2’ files (no coordinates information using ‘gdalinfo’ in GDAL v.2.1.0.)
  • Many issues related to Sentinel-1 OCN data are reported in the discussion Issues related to Product Library

Hope the reported issues can be useful to contribute to SNAP development!


Thanks for this report. I think some are already solved with the new release. I’m not quite sure at the moment.
For the rest we will take care in the future.