Lo convert to l1 slc

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Still there are a huge data in L0 and as you know that there is not possible to convert this level to L1 SLC images, So it is not possible to add a module via SNAP to convert this L0 to L1, I think this topic has been raised by other colleagues, but I’d like to renew the demand,

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Once a public-domain SAR-processor is available, we will support it with SNAP. There are some rumors that such a processor will be released in not-too-distant future. It should be noted that with such a processor the processing to L1 is ad hoc and will not produce SLC:s identical to those produced by the PDGS.

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I have an idea if it possible to discuss it with your colleagues in The Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS), It is possible to add an online processor within S1tbx? to convert L0 to L1 identical to SLC we get now from any website provides Sentinel-1, in this case I think will mitigate the load that they have for huge data conversion.

That is unfortunately not possible as the licence for the SAR-processor in question does not allow it.

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The GMT5SAR is a public-domain SAR-processor already available.
You should try to include and adapt some of its C algorithms into SNAP.

Overview: http://topex.ucsd.edu/gmtsar/
Repository: http://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/projects/gmt5sar/repository/show/tags/5.2
Installation: http://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/projects/gmt5sar/wiki

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Thank you @gusortiz, as far as I know GMT5SAR does not support TOPS-mode focusing, which is what we would need with Sentinel-1…

Yes, it does: http://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/projects/gmt5sar/repository/show/tags/5.2/preproc/S1A_preproc/src_tops

I did not tested for S1A.

All the GMT5SAR examples I’ve found talk about processing S-1 data starting from L1 SLC, not from L0.

I just asked for it at the GMT5SAR forum and will update the info here, ok?

Besides the S1, it should be outstanding, @mengdahl, if we could have a SAR-processor within SNAP for the other sensors.

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Implementing a GMT5SAR format reader would probably be doable, but if the work would require tailored solutions for every sensor mode of every 3rd party mission it would be a major undertaking.

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Yes, a GMT5SAR format reader should solve that issue!

Is a format description and samples available somewhere?