Load processed product to another GIS software(ArcGIS)


I would like to export Sen2 product processed with sen2res tool to ArcGIS. Is there a way to export the product in such a way, that when I load it in another software(ArcGIS, QGIS), band names are retained?

So far I tried to export the product to GeoTIFF format, when I open it in ArcCatalog in ArcGIS, bands have generic names like band_1, band_2.

There have been no here responses in half a year, but I’ve seen the same question in other forums, so it may help to have an answer here (that I can refer to). I have used GeoTIFF to transfer data from BEAM or SeaDAS 7 to ArcGIS, but had to add metadata manually. The GeoTIFF format has limited support for metadata compared to NetCDF4-CF. There has, however, been some confusion trying to load NetCDF4-CF data as a QGIS raster. QGIS uses the GDAL library which has a special notation: “NETCDF::<band_name>”. You can use the “gdalinfo” program to list the bands in a file, then check the metadata using the above notation. I’m told that current versions of ArcGIS support NetCDF4-CF, but no personal experience. ArcGIS can also use image data in BEAM DIMAP format.

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