Loading shapefiles and CSV files in SNAP

I am trying to load a shp/ geoJson and a csv file to snap so that I can crop my images, but this error keeps on popping for each type of file.

have you seen the CSV specifications which are required for the import?

Some notes on this: Error while import Excel in snap

I was able to load, open and visualize the shapefile in snap but I can’t see it in the “product explorer pane”. However, the window where I specify the projection system didn’t pop up, although my shapefile is projected on WGS84.

I have also tried to clip my raster using the shapefile: Raster–>Masks–>Land/sea masks–>my shapefile
and this error occurred:

The imported shapefiles are inside the vector data container of the product. If it is displayed on your image, it was successfully imported.
I have never seen the error message though. What options did you select in the Processing Parameters tab?

I did this: Raster–>Masks–>Land/sea masks–>my shapefile

I meant the parameters you selected in this module

Source: Raster image to clip
Target product: same name as source_mask
Processing parameters: use vector as mask–> select my shapefile -->run

please try different target name to write a completely new product (instead of overwriting an existing one)

I didn’t understand what you mean

what does this mean? This sounds to me like you want to overwrite an existing product.

the old name and added underscore mask to it which basically means that it is a new file and I am not overwritting an old one.

sorry for the misunderstanding. I have no idea then why this error occurs.
Have you tried to uncheck the SRTM option as well?

Same error :frowning: