Local incidence angle (SAR grid)

Usually I use the Terrain Correction operator to get local incidence angle but this time I need it in the original SAR grid. Is there a way to do it in SNAP?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have a solution but maybe a hint: You can, in a first step, download the DEM in slant range geometry by right clicking on the band > Add Elevation band.
You would then be able to derive it based on elevation and the incidence_angle tie-point grid somehow in the band maths operator but I don’t know the formula either.

Thks @ABraun

I think an option to do this would be a good improvement to SNAP (@lveci)

Meanwhile I will manage to get the local incidence angle in the SAR grid by using the Terrain Correction operator and the Colocation operator.

The terrain flattening operator internally calculates the local incidence angle in SAR geometry. At the risk of confusing users, it could produce this as a band or maybe it’s best to create another operator.

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