LOS to Vertical/E-W returns correct outputs, but positive and negative are erroneously inverted. Any ideas?

Dear all,

I have been processing Ascending and Descending scenes of a given area to then retrieve Vertical and E-W displacement using the following approach (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/223453469_Surface_deformation_analysis_in_the_Ischia_Island_Italy_based_on_spaceborne_radar_interferometry):


All worked (apparently), and I compared my output with the results of previous studies. In both Vertical and E-W outputs, the patterns of deformation are the same (both in my study and in the previous ones), the displacement ranges (in cm) are the same, and everything looks great.

The only problem?:

Subsidence appears as uplift and same for E-W. Basically, my values are inverted.

I checked all my results, re-run everything and still, I get the same results.

Would you be able to suggest any explanation and/or resolution to such a problem?

Please, let me know if you may need further information on the approach/processing.

Thanks a lot for your help.



Hi, I’m interested on the topic too, but I’m not still able to apply these formulas. Could you explain how exactly did you process your data on SNAP using this approach?
Thank you