MACCS/MAJA now distributed as binary code for non commercial use

1. L2 Data distribution

As you may know, the French Land Data Center, Theia, is distributing Sentinel-2 L2A products over selected zones, and in near real time, processed with the MAJA software (MACCS-ATCOR Joint Algorithm, result of a collaboration between CNES and DLR). We are adding new zones regularly, and the already available ones are displayed on the joined image. Madagascar will be added later today.

The data may be downloaded for free on

2. MAJA binary code distribution

For those of you who did not have the chance to see their zone selected in Theia’s production, we just released our processor MAJA as a binary code for CentOS or Red Hat 6-7. As it is a multi-temporal processor, and as it only works using command lines, It is not as easy to use as Sen2cor and will require some computer knowledge to install it and run it. It will also require serious computer resources and will not run on a standard laptop.

However, if you still want to try despite my warning, you may download MAJA from CNES free software server :
You will have to accept a licence which prevents the use of the software for commercial purposes including commercial services.

I have also set a github platform to distribute a basic example of processing scheduler and provide advice. In case of difficulties, please raise issues on the github platform (and not on this forum, which we are not following closely)

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That’s great news! Especially since the monotemporal cloud detection of sen2cor often yields non-satisfactory results

Three questions just out of interest:

  1. Are there any plans for the future to release the source-code or will it remain closed?
  2. I read today that ESA is beginning operational L2A production with sen2cor. Are there any plans to switch that to MAJA in the long run?
  3. From your experience, how many prior timesteps do you need effectively for a good cloud mask with MAJA?

Hi, thanks for the comment ! It’s true that detecting clouds and shadows is really difficult without the time dimension.

To answer your questions :

  1. I am personally pushing for the release of the open source version, but did not succeed yet. It already took a while to be allowed to release the binary version…
  2. I hope so, of course, and CESBIO, CNES and DLR are working into that , but ESA and EU will decide
  3. convergence is usually obtained after two rather clear images, which means 6 to 8 time steps accounting for the cloud cover, but we have a special mode which processes the data in anti chronological order to initialize and obtain good results on the first product of the time series.

MAJA is now also freely available for commercial use too, and still for free, but on a case by case basis (I need to get approval by CNES). If you are interested, please ask me.

Hello - We are a crop modelling company that would like to use the sentinel-2 data for commercial purposes. Under what terms would we be able to use MAJA? It seems to have many advantages over sen2cor.


Dave Teller

Thanks !
Just send me your email address so that I can send you the licence.
Best regards,

@OHagolle, could you drop me your mail? I would like to also get some information regarding commercial licence of MAJA. Can not send you a message with my email because my account in this forum is limited due to new registration.