MacOS Big Sur and Popups

Hey guys, I’ve got some issues using the latest SNAP Desktop (8.02) on a machine running MacOS Big Sur (11.1). For the record, no issues previously on MacOS Catalina before upgrading a couple of months ago.

MacOS Big Sur has an issue with popup dialogs being rendered as tabs in a number of java apps - so you’re not alone with this one.

Most things seem to work fine, however opening certain dialogs are causing trouble - and some are not. The Update check when loading pops up fine, and I’ve been able to do most things as usual (I can successfully create C2RCC-MSI and C2RCC_OLCI analysis on S2 and S3 imagery) and those functions’ popups look and work fine.

However, opening Raster->Export->Extract Pixel Values does not. Rather than displaying a popup for Pixel Extraction, the UI renders it as a tab to the main screen, putting the main window into the first tab (now inaccessible) and the Pixel Extraction popup into a second tab:

While it looks like it should work, nothing on the screen responds (Extract, Close, Help in particular), and any input by keyboard or mouse results in the spinning beach ball of death. Once this occurs the only way out is to Force Quit the entire SNAP application.

I’ve seen this exact problem occur with Android Studio 4.1 and 4.2 preview (which claims to fix it) - both java applications.

So I’m not looking for advice here, just pointing out the issue and a possible course of action (have all popups generated the same way as the initial Update Check, if possible).

I’ve filed your report into our issue tracker. Many thanks.

[SNAP-1378] Popups and tabs cause problem on MacOS Big Sur - JIRA (

It seems there is a manual workaround:
java - JDialog fullscreen problem with webstart on Mac OS X Big Sur - Stack Overflow

Could you give it a try?

Thank you, Marco

This solves the issue for SNAP on my machine (but has no effect on Android Studio - which isn’t your problem).

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Thanks for the feedback.