Manage processing produre by "project"

In using Vic3D software to process images( by digital camera ) , a project file can store which images you opened, which parameters you selected and changed to process them, which file you save the processing result, …, the whole processing procedure. Yet it looks a “project” has a different meaning in SNAP to do the above things that causes it is not convenient to manage the processing, especially when I just want to change values of a few parameters to re-process in another day. Anyone knows how to easily manage the procedure when many products needs to be opened in SNAP? ( It looks you can not run 2 or more instances of SNAP at same time. )

Probably you would like to create graph processing files which you can run on a stack of products. You can create the either with the graph builder or by hand in an text editor. Afterwards you can use the command line tool gpt to execute the processing graph on multiple products.