Mangrove mapping using Sentinel 2 MSI

Pl help me with this subject.

Can you please specify your problem?

Dear ABraun,

I am working on mangroves, I would like to map mangroves using sentinel 2A MSI,

After reading several articles on the above mentioned topic I understood that the following NDVI,MSAVI,DVI,RVI analysis need to be carried out with satellite images for the mangrove patches.

I understood the methodology used, and I am trying to perform that in SNAP.

If you have more ideas on this,

Please help me.

Alright, so you can

  1. Download a Sentinel-2 image
  2. Apply S2 Resampling to 10 meters (Optical > Geometric)
  3. Reproject to WGS84 (Raster > Geometric)
  4. Calculate radiometric indices (Optical > Thematic Land Processing)
  5. Digitize training areas and use them for a supervised classification (including the original S2 image and all indices) as described here:
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thank you very much Abraun. Let me try this.

I’ve gone through the youtube video tutorials, Now I understood how to proceed further. Thank you so much for the great support.