Mask Area for super dove

Hello everyone,

I am currently working with a Planet SuperDove image to quantify the surface area covered by sargassum using a mask. I understand that SNAP provides the masked area, but I’m unsure whether the program calculates the area directly or if it simply provides pixel values that I need to multiply by the pixel size and area of interest. Could someone please guide me on this?

You can invoke from the menu Raster / Masks / Mask Area ...
This will compute the square kilometres of the mask. The area is calculated for each pixel individually and summed up.

EOMasters_icon_60 Marco from EOMasters - Mastering Earth Observation


Would the situation be the same if the program only provides me with the Number of Masks pixels and the Mask Area (km²)?

Yes, the area per pixel is only smaller than 0.001km² and not displayed in the GUI.
Maybe the pixel area is 0.0004km² or something like that.