Mask area in snap

Greetings of the day,
The mask’ area should be equal to the number of pixels in the mask times the spatial resolution of the sensor but why it is not the same
number of pixels = 1575781
so the area should be 1575781 X 5m X20 m which is 157.578 sq km but the mask area is 146.459 sq km. why?


After terrain correction, your pixels are no longer 5x20 meters. They will be resampled to squared pixels during this process with a size that is given in the operator


Great finding, thanks a lot for the useful information. But what are the dimensions of the newly formed square pixel. is it 13.9 X 13.9?

yes, they are squared.
But it is possible that in your case the size is different. This also depends a bit on your data so it is good to check again.

yes Mr ABraun. please tell me dimensions of the squared pixel of what you have posted.
is it 13.9mX13.9 m.
Thanking you

yes, in my case it is 13.9x13.9 m = 193.21 m²