Mask Manager problem

Hi all. I want to do logical operation (difference) of two masks. One mask is water of flooded area and other mask is water of normal level water. I have two satelite images of the same area. In the mask manager, first, I create mask for each image ( water) and then when i want to transfer pixels into other product so I can do difference, it wont work ( wont transfer those pixels). What should I do?
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a mask is just a logical expression. When you initially copy the mask, you copy the underlying statement. That means it doesn’t give the same result when the band it refers to has different values (or is not present in the product at all).
You have two options:

  • copy both initial products into one stack (collocation) and then you can have both masks within this product (based on each of the two initial bands)
  • create the mask in the band maths (un-select ‘virtual band’) and save your product. You can then export the mask as a raster and import it in the second product.
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Thanks for your Reply, ABraun. I have created a mask using Band Maths as you said and unselected virtual band. Then I exported that mask as GeoTiff, but now how can i import that image to other product. I tried going file/import/generic format/geotif but it imports as whole new product.
I’m sorry, I’m new at this.

Once you have imported it as GeoTiff, again use Collocation to bring both products together.

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Thanks. It works well when i use stack (collocation).