Masking country/voivodeship area on the map

I am new to the SNAP software and I was wondering if it can help me with my project. I want to mask out some territorial boundaries and then work on that image in Python. Is it even possible? If yes, how?
Cheers, Hubert

ESA SNAP allows you to import vector data, e.g., regions defined by polygons, and use them to select points from a geo-located array of remote-sensing data that lie in a given region, but it is not a full GIS system. SNAP’s focus is on sensor-specific processing to create geophysical products, while GIS packages focus on manipulation of geophysical products.

The GIS community is much larger than the remote sensing community, so there is a better chance of getting help with problems that involve geographical boundaries from the GIS community.

I suggest starting with SNAP and see if you hit a roadblock At that point you may want to switch to GIS software (e.g. QGIS for Python tools).

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