Masking land area by using OSM (Open Street Map) shapefile data

Dear all,
I am trying to mask out some coastline area in SNAP. I am using OSM (Open Street Map) shapefile data but when I apply it on image, it says me this error;
The vector data was loaded successfully but no part is located within the scence boundaries.

I do not know why I am getting this error because I opened OSM shape file in QGIS and it has the land area in my image but why it says no part is located within the scene boundaries.

Which projection did you chose when you applied the Range Doppler Terrain Correction?

You can see this by clicking on

The format of your scene boundaries defines if the shapefile is located within. If your raster is UTM projected and your vector WGS84 you might get this error.

My image is in WGS 84_as you can see in below image_ and shapefile is also in WGS84.
The image in WGS 84:

The shapefile in WGS 84:

Can you upload the shapefile?

No. I used file—import—vector data—ESRI shape-file, but it did not appear on image but I can open the shape-file in QGIS.

I meant if you could share the shapefile with us and maybe the location of your SAR data.

As you can see when I open image and shapefile on QGIS, then they are working very well but I do not know what is wrong with SNAP (Look at below image).

My image coordinate is :
Corner Coordinates:
Upper Left ( 24.0891613, 65.3665577) ( 24d 5’20.98"E, 65d21’59.61"N)
Lower Left ( 24.0891613, 64.8200227) ( 24d 5’20.98"E, 64d49’12.08"N)
Upper Right ( 24.9573830, 65.3665577) ( 24d57’26.58"E, 65d21’59.61"N)
Lower Right ( 24.9573830, 64.8200227) ( 24d57’26.58"E, 64d49’12.08"N)
Center ( 24.5232721, 65.0932902) ( 24d31’23.78"E, 65d 5’35.84"N)

I do not know why i can not upload its file but you can find it in below link:
I used 23M

that is strange. If you open the properties of the raster in QGIS, which coordinate system is named there?

Is it an option to mask the land area by the Land/Sea mask tool in SNAP? Edit: No SRTM in this area, so this won’t give proper results.

I just tried it and didn’t get any issues. Are you sure you saved the raster in WGS84? The reprojection tool (referring to your screenshot above) doesn’t really show you the coordinate reference system of the product.

I opened the properties of the raster in QGIS and the coordinate system is ‘EPSC:4326 WGS84’.

And as you can see here, I used this for SNAP but still I am getting that error!

I can’t reproduce this error, sorry.

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