Masking of Sentinel 1A data using ESRI shapefile

I want to clip my AOI (District shapefile) using ESRI shapefile, please guide me step by step procedure.

Hi @Ranjan07,

To mask out a product in SNAP using your AOI:

  • Select your product on the product explorer
  • Go to Vector -> Import -> ESRI Shapefile
  • Navigate to your directory, select the shp and click ok (make sure your shp and image share the CRS)
  • Go to Raster -> Mask -> Land/Sea Mask
  • In the processing tab, select ‘Use vector as a mask’
  • You can also uncheck the SRTM option
  • Press Run and check results

You can definitely find out more info about this process in this forum. Check the link :slight_smile:

Hope it helps,

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Dear MCG

Thank you so much for your cooperation.