MDA RADARSAT-2 Sample Data

Hello, does anyone know where I might download the RADARSAT-2 sample data provided by the MDA Corporation for the ESA Sentinel-1 Toolbox Polarimetric Tutorial? The tutorial makes reference to a Fine Quad Polarization image collected over Vancouver, Canada but the links to the data provided in the tutorial are broken. Thank you for any help, I have copied the broken link below:

looks like the page is offline now. We will soon make a new tutorial on polarimetric analysis.
In the meanwhile you find sample quadpol data here:

Thank you, these look like really interesting datatsets.

The revised tutorial on radar polarimetry (including new sample data sources) is now online: SAR Polarimetry and Analyses

It covers the following topics:

  • Import of polarimetric data
  • Complex calibration
  • Polarimetric matrix generation
  • Polarimetric speckle filter
  • Polarimetric decompositions
  • Unsupervised H Alpha Wishart classification
  • Scatter plot / H Alpha plane plot
  • Compact polarimetry
  • Terrain Correction
  • Working with the correlative plot
  • Using the mask manager to define landcover classes
  • Linear regressions on polarimetric radar data
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This looks so helpful thank you so much.