Memory consumption of SNAP

Hi everybody,

working on a PC with 8 GB RAM and Windows 10 with the latest version of SNAP 5 and the latest version of SNAP 6 Preview I got the error messages

  • GC overhead limit exceeded
  • Cannot construct DataBuffer
    when I tried to calibrate (complex values or at least 2 output bands) data of a subswath of a SLC product in different configurations of SNAP (e.g. heap size of JVM of 3 GB up to 5.7 GB).
    The problem apparently depends on the size of input or output product, e.g. calibration of sigma0 alone works.
    In the task manager of Windows one can see that about 1 minute before an error pops up the cache-disk is 100% busy while the data disk is idle and memory consumption is between 96% and 100%.

There are several reports about this problem in the forum but I have not found a solution except more RAM for the PC.

My first workaround was the use of a Google compute engine with Linux and 26 GB RAM. This worked just fine.

Then I have done the same operations in a virtual machine (VirtualBox, 4,5 GB RAM) with Debian 9.2.1 (Stretch) and the actual SNAP 5 linux-version on my PC. It worked (but of course quite slow).

That’s puzzling and I would like to know:
What’s the cause of this difference of SNAP/Windows and SNAP/Linux?
Is there something like a configuration switch to enable the (successfull) memory management of SNAP/Linux for “small RAM” in SNAP/Windows?

Clarifying comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.


Doesn’t solve all problems but unpacking the S1 ZIP files before using them in SNAP saved some memory in many cases.

Thank You for Your comment but I only work with unzipped products in BEAM-DIMAP format.