Merge Sub-swath in Sentinel-1 InSAR processing

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I have a question to ask regarding interferometric processing using SNAP.
I applied step-by-step processing work flow for S1A imagery, and retrieved three filtered DInSAR maps that are already de-bursted for IW1, IW2, and IW3. Now, I need to stitch (merge) them together. Which tool in SNAP can be used for having a complete deformation map extracted from S1A IW scene?

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S-1 TOPS Merge

Thanks for your response and help @junlu
I tried it. The module worked properly but when I opened the product, for instance, in bands sub folder. Phase and intensity don’t have any thing to show. The size of the output is 9.5 GB.
Do you have any idea why the result can not be shown? I exported in Beam Format only.