Merge Two adjacent S1 Orbit

Hi all,
I have to merge 1 & 2 (IW2 and IW3) of first S1 product, (Supposed M1) and 3 & 4 (IW2 and IW3) of another S1 product (Suppose M2) which can be done after deburst of individual product.

But now I want to merge those two product (M1 and M2).

Deburst is not working.
How to do it?

Slice assembly can be used to combine consequtive slices on the same data take.

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Can slice assembly be used on debursted product?

I don’t know the answer to that. There are two schools of thought regarding how to handle S-1 acquisitions:

  • “Traditional” - reconstitute the data take in the beginning of processing (stripmap processing heritage).
  • “Modern” - handle each burst as a separate self-standing SAR image.

S1TBX has inherited some of the traditional thinking. Ideally both should work equally well, in practise “it depends”.


Ok thanks for your replie…
I will check and will write back to you .

Hi @mengdahl,
I used slice assembly but getting error - string index out of range:48

How to solve this error?