Merging patches from different swaths on StaMPS

Hello people,

I have managed to run the StaMPS procedure successfully without any errors and I’m getting some (what I believe to be) really nice outputs. However, my study area which is the entire Bangkok Metropolitan region, covers approx. 7760 km2. As you can imagine, I had to process 4 swaths from 2 different frames.

Now that I’ve gotten the rate of subsidence relative to the whole image (swath), I want to calculate the ‘absolute velocity values’ by setting a reference area. Based on a previous study, I know where I should select this reference area. The only problem is, the reference area can only be found on 1 of the swaths. Therefore, I was wondering if there was any way to ‘merge’ all the patches from all the swaths in order to get 1 big image encapsulating the whole region. This would make it much easier to calculate the absolute velocity values for the whole region.

I’m guessing this may have something to do with step 5 of the StaMPS procedure (merging the patches), but I don’t want to fiddle with anything before I know for certain this is possible.

I hope this makes sense.