Metadata Issue while doing Snaphu Import

Hello All,
I was trying to generate Interferogram Images form ALOS-2 FBD L1.1 dual polarized data. I followed the step-by-step process as given in the tutorial “Sentinel-1 Stripmap Interferometry” .But during the Snaphu Import, i got the following Error.

Error in Graph: 3-SnaphuImport :snaphuImportOp requires at least one product with INSAR metadata

Request you to kindly help me through this so that i can run the process without any error.

Hi @shubham I also had the same problem. There is already a thread on the forum about this here: Problem in Snaphu Import section but I think you are using the wrong file for the Read-Phase.

For the Read-Phase you should use the phase that you used in the SNAPHU exporting (the input data in .dim format). For me this file was called S1A…Orb_Stack_ifg_deb_dinsar_flt.dim. If I use the Phase_ifg_srd_…snaphu.hdr file I get the same error as you. Does that help?

Thanks a lot for your guidance and valuable information. It wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance.
It worked and i’m getting a nice Geocoded interferogram image :slight_smile: