Metadata Replacement

I have the stacked image (Db + Yamguchi decomposition) of Alos2 palsar2 data created in ENVI. Now I want to go for terrain correction but the metadata of processed image can not be replaced with raw image. The error thrown is " The system can not find the specified path".

Further when I tried in Graph builder it asks for 2 read sources and I don’t know how get that?


I would probably do the calibration and decomposition in SNAP to overcome the import errors.

I don’t know how the files must look like when they were already processed in ENVI.

Thank you!
I highly appreciate your reply

Files are in .hdr format and can be imported in SNAP. However metadata can not be replaced in order to proceed for Range Doppler terrain Correction (RTDC).

However if Backscatter images generated in polsarpro are used the issue still persists.

If raw data intensity files of Alos2 palsar 2 are used the RTDC can be performed but on Backscatter or decomposed images it can’t be done?

I also calibrated the Alos2palsar2 Quad pol data in SNAP itself but still the metadata cant be replaced with orginal file in order to get the lat long values (Tie points)

You can calibrate to a complex format in SNAP and then perform the decomposition afterwards. Then you can apply the RDTC on both the calibrated (Sigma0 for example) and the decomposed products and stack them.

Then you won’t need to import metadata as the tie-point grids are also creared by SNAP for this process.

Thank you ABraun

I did the same but when i try for RTDC it says “input should be a SAR product”

and tie point grids are not created when image is calibrated (sigma0)

Thank you! I got the results.
Actually it needs to be saved in BEAM-DIMAP format.

Earlier I was saving as ENVI format

yes. As long as you are working inside SNAP the BEAM Dimap format should be chosen for the intermediate outputs as it handles the files best.