Meter Level Change Detection

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My question might be really basic but I have not found an answer so far.
There is a case which is about Heap Leach mining.
Every 30 days, we increase the level of the bench in the heap leach mine by 10 meters. I am expecting to capture the height of changes before and after the operation with the SAR images and techniques (PSInSAR technique that I am using with 36 images). But I could not. The analysis says there 25 mm subsidence/uplift, but I know that we carried some bulk of soil and increased the height like 10 meters. Now, I am curious about that

  • The SAR capabilities do not show meters of changes.
  • I am doing something wrong?

Thanks for you answer and support

InSAR techniques depend on the scatterers staying stable enough between image acquisitions. If you add material to the surface all the old scatterers will be gone.

Thank you @mengdahl , you mean it is not possible to extract meters changes by InSAR?

It would be possible with repeated single-pass InSAR acquisitions and DEM differencing. Unfortunately very few systems like TanDEM-X can do this today. In the future it will be possible with Sentinel-1 and Harmony flying together.

What is stable scatter, how the system decide and define the decide point stable scatter?
Is there any mathematical formula for two signal check whether stable or not?

PSI-processors look at the intensity and phase-history of a bright reflector to decide whether it is stable or not. There are many scientific articles about this.

At the image-level you can look at coherence images - if there’s no coherence the scatterers have changed.

Thank you very much Marcus, the information you gave me is really valuable for me and gave a direction to male some more research. I appreciate your knowledge and support

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