MGRS references and naming convention for L1C products

I am having difficulty with the MGRS part of the product naming convention, as defined in (Granule naming convention). (BTW : Sentinel2 handbook appears to be out of date in this respect).

I work for the EC JRC where we have an archive of S2A L1C products.
I am working principally in Python (2.7, 3.4) with snappy and am using the mgrs module on an Apple mac.

The naming-convention web page states:

Tile Number (_Xxxxxx) = _Txxxxx which represents the Tile number according to the US-MGRS naming convention (tile)

An example of a problem granule:


The 54MYR part of the filename (before last group) does not seem to be a legal MGRS grid reference.
It blows-up in python e.g.:

In [1]: import mgrs
In [2]: pmgrs = mgrs.MGRS()
In [3]: pmgrs.toLatLon(“54MYR”)

RTreeError: Error in “Convert_MGRS_To_Geodetic”: MGRS Errors: String Error

This appears to be confirmed when I consult various mapping webpages such as

q1) I note that the processing version (N02.00) is very early. We also have some (N02.01), none of which have these problems.
Could it be that we need upload more recently processed versions of these tiles?
What is the minimum N-number that we can consider stable?

And a few extra question thrown in…
q2) Is there a java API function that returns information on MGRS grids used?
q3) Is there a way of searching for a keyword in the SNAP engine API pages?

Many thanks for your help…

Olly Morgan

See discussion: here

Southern hemisphere affected. Check whether the granule ID changed in version N02.01.

Granule outlines are available as KML, so you could stuff them in postgis, or parse as XML and do whatever query you need (ogr2ogr, Java, Python, etc.).

Hi Olly,

As Guido has noted, an issue was identified in the naming convention of a set of tiles located
close to the Equator. They have now been aligned correctly with the MGRS naming convention.



S2 MPC Operations Manager