mirror image in snap

It is proud that I use the valuable satellite data of Sentinel-5P.
If possible, guide me to fix the problem of reversing(mirror

) images in the Snap program.
Attachment image
someone can help me please??
thank you family

I never tried it, but it exists a Flip operator that can reverse horizontally or vertically the image. You can find it in the graph builder in Raster-> Flip

You can also geocode your product to associate long/lat to your images

I think that is the better option.

Yes, run the geometric terrain correction operator. But do it as your last step!

Thank you for answering.
Unfortunately, this did not fix the problem.
But the question is, when I select the products of Banbs in the Product Explorer section, the images are mirrored. This problem is not corrected by rotation, Because each pixel is 180 degrees inverted.

Of course rotation doesn’t help, because the satellite was acquiring the image in descending orbit: https://sentinels.copernicus.eu/web/sentinel/missions/sentinel-5/satellite-description/orbit

I still think geocoding solves this. What steps did you try so far?

I apologize for the delay in answering
I tried (graph builder in Raster-> Flip) and (geocode). Of course, (graph builder in Raster-> Flip) were right for some data, but in most cases they did not get the result.
However, I might make a mistake in (geocode). You may be instructed. Thank you

Could you provide the names of the products, one where it is working and one where it doesn’t?
Then one could try to replicate it.

Does the SNAN has flipping operator?
I can not find it.

The flip operator is included in the GPT in command line mode.

My problem in SNAP did not fix.
But using the link below and VISAN software, you can beautifully use the product.

how can i download VISAN? is it possible to get the vertical profile of atmosphere ,by using the VISAN , while working on the sentinel 5P imagery.

At the linked page you find a link to BEAT. And on that page, you find a link to VISAN.