Missing bursts after TOPS Split

i have problem in coregisteration and interferogram, although temporal baseline=6 days and (bperp=176m) . I do not know what is the matter. please, help me
thank you in advance

Looks like one of the bursts in one of the two acquisitions is missing for some reason.

What is the solution please help and thank you all in advance

Please visually check if both products contain two bursts after applying TOPS Split.

master image contains 2 bursts but slave image contains only 1 burst

I don’t know what is the solution please help thank you very much

Please repeat the TOPS Split operation to make sure that both bursts are included in the product.

I chose one burst to generate interferogram and the problem is always in the second

The same is reported here: Back geocoding producing empty stripes in slave product
Looks like that the images are shifted along track and one does not have full burst coverage reaching the displayed footprint. Can you please check if the missing burst is visible before TOPS Split?

the missing burst are visible before TOPS Split

what happens if you select two instead of one burst?

master image contains 2 bursts but slave image contains only 1 burst

@jun_lu do you have an idea?

Can you please provide more details such as the two products you used and the two bursts in master and slave? We will see if we can reproduce the problem. Thank you

bursts in master are 4-5 in IW2
bursts in slave are 7-8 in IW2
I want to generate DEM in this area
thank you all in advance

We assume S1A is the master and S1B is the slave. The problem is that bursts 4-5 in master and bursts 7-8 in slave do not cover the the same area. There is one burst shift. Try use burst 8-9 in slave and it should work.


can you provide more details, i was facing same problem, but i solve it, and i think i can help you

thank you so much

please,I do subset to interferogram befor unwrapping but I don’t get any product after execute phase unwrapping

Was snaphu installed correctly?