Missing data stripes along S2 tile edges in retrieved biophysical (LAI, etc.) parameters

Hello everyone!

I have used SNAP TBox (latest available version) to get LAI, FAPAR, FVC products from several tiles located within USA, Canada, and China (years: from 2016-2018). Also tried different resampling resolution: from 20m to 60m. All retrieved products from these regions have narrow data stripes (seen in black color) of missing data along the tile edges. An image below is an example showing the lower left corner of 14UNV tile (50m resampling resolution):


an example of input bands (B11, resampled to 50m) from L2A product.
There are no such black-missing value stripes in the input:

Many thanks in advance for any recommendation.

Just switch the save format from “ENVI” to “BEAM-DIMAP”

and the problem has gone. Miss print in original post, it should be: “RIGHT lower corner”.

Many thanks for diligent maintaining SNAP-TBox!!!


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