Missing image file after conversion from L1C to L2A

Hello, I converted L1C image to L2A, the operation shows the completion of conversion but the whole image file is missing from the L2A bulk. Again if I unzip the downloaded L1C image as Extract here option, the operation goes cool but if I unzip using Extract here in a new folder option, the problem arises. Is there any difference in unzipping the downloaded image in different ways?
Thanks in advance. Really stressed with this problem.

Hi Rajeev,
Which type of data are you using? Sentinel 2? Could you explain which tools and processor you use to convert from L1C to L2A? Do you do some batch processing?

Thanks Abruescas.
I am using SEN2COR plugin to do this. Do you have any suggestion on batch processing for this?

There are already several topics regarding batch processing with sen2cor.
Do a search, then you will find thread like