Missing source while creating Mosaic with gpt

Hi Marco

We’re attempting to create a mosaic from two processed tiles using a graph. The process works when executing it via the gpt cli parameters but is throwing this redacted error when using a graph:

Error: Missing source 'AAAA_20220321_S3A_2520_53918758_XXXX.dim' in node 'Mosaic300m'

This is a redacted version of the graph xml file:

<graph id="Graph">
    <node id="Mosaic300m">
  <node id="Write_Mosaic">
      <sourceProduct refid="Mosaic300m"/>
    <parameters class="com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.XppDomElement">
  <node id="Write_Mosaic_CSV">
		<sourceProduct refid="Mosaic300m"/>
		<parameters class="com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.XppDomElement">

, and this is a redacted version of the properties file:


If you need information about the redacted entries, I can provide that via DM.

Have you tried the full path? I’m not sure if relative paths work.

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Our process use absolute path - and cd to to the correct path before executing regardless. I removed from the above as the path names are quite long and would need to be redacted anyway.

Also, something up with the forum. I’m watching this topic, but did not receive a notification of your reply in my Inbox.

Yes, I also don’t get notification since a few days from the forum.

@oana_hogoiu is working already on this issue.

Regarding your issue. In this case I don’t have an explanation. Have your tried with only a single source product?

Have you checked that some overly helpful editor didn’t insert unicode look-alike characters in the absolute path? When I see “Missing source” errors, ls -l <absolute_pat> usually fails due to a typo or permission problems. Java can be confused by directory trees that use symbolic links or have intermediate directories with restrictive permissions.

Hi George … Thanks, and I wish that was the problem (then there wouldn’t be one). This is a tightly controlled process, and paths are generated internally. There are no hard or symbolic links involved. The same processor generates other graph xml and properties (for the same base files), with no issues. This problem only surfaced with the graph file for mosaicing.

Regarding the notifications - I didn’t get one for this message, but was looking in the forum because I did get a notification for someone else’s reply to this message, and I finally received the confirmation for adding an additional email address to my account request that I made yesterday.

I will try it with a single source. I did try it previously with a malformed list of sources (spaces instead of commas), and it DID detect that.