Misundrestanding with color bars in SNAP

Dear all
Any image that creates in SNAP has color bar. Actually, I do not know what is the best way to extract these color bars and use for my image.

As you know, if we want to extract color bar, then we have to use ‘Export color legend as image’ option.


The problem is here, for example, I have an image with (min= 4.033 , max=17.75) (figure1) but when I want to extract its color bar, then the values are between (min=5.96 , Max=12.5) (figure2).


But when I used ‘Range from data’ (figure3), then the image color would change and also color bar’s range will change (figure4).


I do not know what should I do???
Would u please guide me?

So you would like to use the colour legend of the first example, but want to see the min and max value?

That’s currently not possible. The colour legend uses the lowest and highest slider value to specify the bar. You need to get min and max of the value range separatly.

I’ve put your question into our issue tracker. It’s an reasoblae request.

Yes. I hope this would be solved.