Modifying Sen2Cor L2 Metadata to TIFF for SNAP


I am interested in using the tiff option from Sen2Cor, but have noticed that the tiff option cannot be used in Sen2Cor versions 02.05.05 and 02.08.00 due to 1) the tiff option will drop the coordinate system due to a bug in the coding (verified by Copernicus EO Support and will be addressed in future releases) and 2) the metadata files are still written with references to “jp2” or “JPEG200”. I have bypassed the first issue by using Sen2Cor to output the jp2 and then convert to tiff afterwards. I’ve then went into the metadata files and updated any “jp2” or “JPEG200” to “tif” and “GEOTIFF” respectively.

The issue with this approach is that the tif files can only be read into SNAP individually and not by the MTD_MSIL2A.xml. When I try to read the MTD_MSIL2A.xml file into SNAP I receive an error that states, “Unable to get metadata from JP2 images associated to product [MTD_MSIL2A.xml]”. The JP2 reference indicates to me that the JP2 may be hard coded into SNAP.

I have been in contact with Copernicus EO Support and requested a meeting with SNAP/Sen2Cor developers in order to address this issue, and they have recommended to create a post here. If anyone knows how to solve the issue or if a SNAP/Sen2Cor developer would be able to reach out to me to address the metadata issue that would be greatly appreciated.



Hi there,

Have you found the solution to that problem?

We are using Sen2Cor2.9 and --tif option, but now we are facing the same issue as you did for calling the XML file in SNAP.

By the way, --tif did not work with Sen2Cor2.10. Any ideas for that?

Many thanks.

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Also interested on it!
Have anyone else faced this same issue? No solution from SNAP devs?