MODIS L1C time information for C2RCC

SeaDAS 8.0.0 is a Beta release version. The good news is that you have identified a bug which we missed, so we can work on fixing it. The bad news is that it is a bug and custom wavelengths cannot be set in the SeaDAS 8.0.0 GUI. SeaDAS 7.5.3 doesn’t have this bug. We will look into this, and the fix will be in the next SeaDAS 8 release.

If you wish to install SeaDAS 7.5.3 then you can run l2gen from that GUI with custom wavelengths.

If you wish to run from the command line, then the simplest way is to create the parfile within the l2gen GUI and then click “Save Parameters”, writing to a file: for example “parfile.txt”. You will then need to edit “parfile.txt” to set the desired custom wavelengths. Then at the command line run “l2gen par=parfile.txt”.

Note when running any seadas-ocssw processor from the command line you need the following 2 lines in your ~/.bash_profile
export OCSSWROOT=[The directory where the ocssw processors are installed]
source $OCSSWROOT/OCSSW_bash.env

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