Monitor rice with sentinel1

Good morning, my name is Pedro Ruiz, I am Argentine and I am trying to achieve the best way to monitor rice fields in the north of my country. My query is aimed more precisely at detecting the presence of water during the irrigation stage that has already begun. visualizing the water while the plant is small (less than 20 cm) is relatively easy with optical images but when the plant exceeds 40 cm it is not possible since the water layer of about 10 to 15 cm is down, so I think that Can SAR images serve me for this purpose, but I still can’t establish a good way to do it, does anyone have any suggestions or can they refer me to those who have more experience and knowledge? From already thank you very much
Pedro Ruiz

This a very good start to you RICE MAPPING WITH SENTINEL-1 Case Study: Vietnam, 2018


Also you could watch the video,


Thank you very much Falah

Various aspects of the detection of water under the vegetation canopy are discussed in this review: SAR-based detection of flooded vegetation – a review of characteristics and approaches.

Maybe this is a starting point for further discussions.